64 daily self-portraits/micro-variations on a motive of Brahms, for piano quartet (vl, vla, vc, piano)

This piece is a study on the idea of sincerity in the artistic creation. Composing a piece of music is a long term process (it takes weeks/months), and during this period of time one may change his ideas several times, each day and each moment of a day one is a little bit different, and what something appears to be one day perfect, honest and correct, another day seems to be the opposite, and this is something that usually creates some frustration during the creative process. To avoid this I decided to compose a small variation every day of the last 2 months. Each of these variations had to be the most honest and consequent as possible with the same moment of composing, and had to be representative and respectful with the thoughts, experiences and sensations I had during each one of these days or moments, becoming as a kind of personal diary annotations or as daily self-portraits. Sometimes I tried to experiment composing under some especial conditions. In the final piece all these variations are not organized chronologically, but put together in a way to create a more musical narrative. In every different performance of the piece I’ll organize them in a different way, to show all these small “truths” from different angles and to be more consequent with the general idea. All these variations are based on a very short motive of Brahms (end of the Andante of his piano quartet No 3). The election of this motive is mainly personal, but also because of its own nature, it’s placed in between two silences, and I take these silences as a representation of the space/time separation in between each of the variations.

Excerpt from the score

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64 variations/self-portraits