works : ensemble :

Le Cahos (J.F.Rebel, transcription), for ensemble (flute, clarinet, sopr. sax., trombone, e-guitar, piano/keyb., percussion) (2018) - audio

<29> parts I+II+III, for player piano, ensemble (flute, clarinet, sax., trombone, e-guitar, piano, amp. percussion) and video (2014-18) - score (part I) / audio / video (part I)

Spuren, for prepared ensemble (trumpet, trombone, cello, e-guitar, piano, 2 percussions) (2011) - score / audio

Fang, for 15 instruments (1,1,1,1/1,1,1/2,1,1,1/hp, pn, pc) (2010) - score / audio

Omoi, for 8 instruments (flute, bassoon, horn, violin, viola, cello, double-bass and percussion) (2010)

über mich, for voice, bass cl., horn, double-bass, accordion, piano, toy piano and tape (2010)

Three pieces for ensemble, for 12 instruments (flute, clarinet, sax., trumpet, trombone, tuba, accordion, piano, percussion, violin, viola and cello) (2009) - score / audio

Zhâo II, for 8 instruments (flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone, bassoon, horn, piano, percussion) and tape (2007)