Le Piano Englouti, for prepared piano in darkness (with a whammy and a reverb pedals)

“Le piano englouti” belongs to a group of pieces for piano solo. In these I integrate and transform pieces from the classical piano repertoire in a variety of ways. All of these pieces begin and end with quotations from selected classical compositions, with the transformations taking place in the middle section of them. The piece “Le piano englouti” refers to Debussy’s composition “La Cathédrale engloutie”.

Here I was inspired by the following very simple idea: a piano that plays “La Cathedrale Engloutie” on its own suddenly falls into the sea and begins to sink. At the beginning, the piano dramatically tries not to sink and not to suffocate. But instead it dies and sinks into the depth. After a while, it gradually rises again (contrary to the idea of ??Debussy’s composition, where the cathedral rises and then descends).

Excerpt from the score