works : solo :

T(t)- Blocks E (Time Studies I), for percussion, electronics and video (2019) - audio (version D+E)

Toccata à l'acte, for piano or harpsichord with a delay pedal and an electronic music box (2015)

Le Piano englouti, for prepared and amplified piano with guitar pedals (2015) - score / audio

T(t)- Blocks C, for prepared bass trombone (2014)

T(t)- Blocks B, for prepared double-bass (2013)

T(t)- Blocks A, for prepared and amplified piccolo (2013)

Ungebetenes Spiel, for piano (2010) - score / audio / video (excerpt)

Who?, for tenor saxophone solo (2007)

Pyydän Hiljaisuutta, for woman voice solo (2007)