T(t)-Blocks, version D, for 3 amplified electronics typewriters with whammy pedals and accessories.

T-Blocks is related to the shape of the Tetris pieces (the computer game). A very common feature of the music I wrote during that time was the use of different and contrasted musical elements that repeated many times but every time they were presented in a different way and in different connections/contexts, similar as how the game Tetris works (a limited number of pieces that repeat in different ways and that the player has to move and adapt each time to a different context). The (t) in between T-Blocks relates to the time I wrote the first version of the piece, I wrote it in on a table tennis table. It's not so important, but I also liked the idea of table tennis related to the piece, again the idea of repetitions and adapting each time to a different context.
This idea of repetition/context is not only related to the musical material but also to a bigger idea of the whole piece being able to be played in different versions at the same time. So far I wrote 5 versions (A for amplified+prepared piccolo, B for prepared double/bass, C for prepared Bass trombone, D for 3 amplified electric typewriters+video and E for "multitemporal" percussion and video).
The video of version D shows the texts written by the performers during the performance. Moreover each video has a different visual effect that transforms the texts (whirl, kaleidoscope and mirror effects). I also liked the idea of kaleidoscope as a visual related idea of T(t)blocks (again, different pieces/objects repeated in different ways, creating different shapes or contexts each time you move it). The text of the video is formed with fragments of different definitions of the word "Kaleidoscope" I found in different dictionaries.

Excerpts from the score 1

Excerpts from the score 2

Rehearsal with Ensemble Mosaik